techniques & strategies

Effective Project Management

Wallis Design Studio Architects has developed and continually refines our project management process. At the initiation of each project, we prepare a project plan with the project architect, manager, and client input. This plan is a living document identifying key milestones and goals, building program components, the status of the task, anticipated construction starts and completion dates, as well as outstanding questions, and areas needing further clarification. Within this process, we develop an outline of task by phase beginning with pre-design and ending at post-construction that can be tracked and assigned to each team member via an online collaboration website. 
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Communication and Collaboration

Language, written and spoken, is the process clients and architects use to get to know each other, to learn from each other, and develop a design that realizes the client’s vision for the project.  We envision a successful communication process that utilizes effective dialogue with our clients to successfully plan and implement our projects.

Quality Control

Maintaining a high level of design and client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Throughout your project, we have checks and balances built into our process. During design, we will conduct a preliminary code analysis evaluating key code components. This is then followed up with extensive code analysis and egress study during design development. A constructability and coordination review is conducted during the construction document phase.

Team History

Building a strong team is critical to the success of any project. We take great care in developing and maintaining our relationships with our partners so that they can provide you with the best service possible. Wallis Design Studio Architects has successfully worked on projects with all of the proposed team members. We organize our project teams so that each team member can contribute their experience and knowledge to the betterment of our client’s project. This is done in a collaborative and friendly environment.

Construction Observation and Meetings

The participation of the architect during construction is an effective way to ensure clients get the most out of their building. During construction, we will review the work that is in place for general conformance to the plan documents, troubleshoot questions, or conflicts with the contractor that have risen, document progress with photographs, and become generally familiar with the progress of work.  We also recommend our participation during the project meeting with the contractor. During such meetings, we will review the contractors RFI and submittal logs, document team discussions, report on the progress of work, and evaluate payment applications and construction schedules.